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Discover the Secrets of Self-Massage for a Youthful Radiance!

Unlock the power of self-care with our exclusive online course on Sculpting Facial techniques. Join renowned massage therapist Adela Stanic as she guides you through a transformative journey to achieve a natural lifting effect for your face from the comfort of your own home.

In this immersive video session lasting 45 to 50 minutes, you will learn the art of self-massage and gain valuable insights into the best products for enhancing your massage experience. Through Adela’s expertise, you’ll acquire the skills to rejuvenate and tone your facial muscles, promoting a vibrant and radiant complexion.

But that’s not all! As a student, you will also gain access to a collection of short videos featuring professional tricks and an in-depth exploration of various massage and skincare products. These valuable resources will empower you to continue your self-care journey long after completing the course.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to unlock your natural beauty potential. Enroll now and experience the transformative power of self-massage!

The self lifting facial massage was designed to get your face lifted, toned and sculpted by incorporating simple yet effective face exercises and manipulations. You will get forever knowledge about:

  • Reduce puffiness and improve skin complexion;
  • Tone facial contours and get rid of a double chin;
  • Reduce dark under eye circles under & lift brows;
  • Lift your lower part of the face;
  • Restore facial skin elasticity;
  • Reduce signs of frown line and forehead creases;
  • Technical list of products based on your skin type and season, suitable with your current routine.

After the course you will feel your facial contours having lifted. You will be working with the lymphatic system, increasing blood circulation for better skin complexion, tone & tighten your facial muscles & decreasing signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Note: No experience is needed, all levels are welcome. You must work with clean hands, a clean face and a face cream, serum or oil.

Unlock Radiant Beauty with Adela Stanic!
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